Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family Volunteer Screening Policy


In order to ensure that all members of Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family continue to benefit from a safe and healthy

environment in which to participate in recreational programs, Extend-A-Family has a multi-tiered screening process for all

volunteers. This process ensures that all members in a position of trust are aware of Extend-A-Family’s code of conduct and

of their obligation to plan for and deliver programs in a safe manner. Extend-A-Family’s screening policies and orientation

practices are designed to clearly demonstrate our commitment to keeping our children and youth safe from harm at all

times. Scope: As stated above, all volunteers interested in assisting Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family must first undergo

a multi-tiered volunteer screening process.

If at any point during the process an applicant is deemed unsuitable the potential volunteer will be informed and his

application as a volunteer with Extend-A-Family will be denied.