Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family Zero Tolerance Bullying and Harassment Policy


Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family’s recreation programs exist to provide clients with opportunities to safely participate in

various sports, cultural and recreational activities. Participation in recreational activities is an important element in the

human development process. Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family operates programs and activities that encourage such

participation. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients as well as our staff. As with other organizations, many

of Extend-A-Family’s programs are facilitated by volunteers. These community-minded citizens contribute greatly to the

quality of life of our clients. Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family endeavors to ensure that they too, have the ability to

volunteer in a safe and positive environment. Therefore, Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family ensures the measures are in

place to prevent incidents of violence or inappropriate behaviour from occurring in its programs, facilities, and events.

Included in this commitment is an understanding that participants and their families must take primary responsibility for

the behaviour of all associated with them: participants, parents, siblings, etc.


This policy applies to all Extend-A-Family programs, facilities, and events and to all clients and guests as well as activities

that are structured and unstructured. No form of vandalism or violence is acceptable. For the purpose of this Policy,

“Vandalism” is defined as the malicious, willful, and deliberate destruction, damage or defacing of property owned, used or

permitted through Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family.

Unacceptable Behaviour:

     • Loud verbal assaults directed at participants, members of the public, staff and volunteers deemed to be aggressive or

intimidating or having the objective of inciting violence

     • Threats and attempts to intimidate

     • Throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner

     • Aggressive approaches to another individual

     • Physically striking another individual • Attempts to goad or incite violence in others

     • Vandalism to building or property owned, used or permitted through Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family

     • Racial or ethnic slurs 

     • Illegal consumption of alcohol or drugs

     • Using social media to harass, bully or demean program participants, staff or volunteers

Harassment Policy Statement:

Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family programs, properties and activities are places that promote learning, leisure, and

respect in a safe environment. All clients, staff and volunteers have the right to be safe and feel safe while attending our

programs. With this right comes the responsibility to be accountable for actions/behaviour that put others at risk. Hamilton

& District Extend-A-Family will not tolerate violence, verbal or physical abuse or vandalism in its programs and will take

appropriate action where necessary to deal with these incidents.


Individuals who engage in any unacceptable behaviour, as outlined in this document, may be subject to immediate ejection

from the premises and if necessary, a suspension for a period of time, not less than one month and potentially

permanently. The suspension may be applied to all programs and activities, if warranted. All incidents that resulted in a

suspension or banning from programs and activities will be followed up in writing by Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family,

outlining the details of the suspension. The final decision related to the details of the suspension or banning will be made

by the Executive Director or designate.

NOTE: There may be exceptions to the above IF:

                                          * The participant does not have the ability to control his/her behaviour

                                          * The participant cannot understand his/her actions.